Stay Cool: 9 Creative Refreshments for Summer Events


It’s getting hot here in Dallas, and summer drinks can be one of the hardest things to provide at an event. It’s very warm, so people definitely need plenty of refreshment and hydration, but it can be hard to get creative and keep the drinks on the same level as the classiness of your event. Lemonade is one of the easiest drinks – but is there any way to make it a little fancier? How does one even begin to make those beautiful looking drinks that you see on the covers of magazines?  Here are 9 of my favorites. The good news is, these are simple and easy recipes. They can freshen up all kinds of events and will soon be the talk of the party as guests mingle and carry them around.

1. Fresh Cherry Lemonade Slush. There is nothing like a nice slushy drink on a hot day, and I love the idea of serving this in mason jars. It would last forever in such a big jar. The recipe is simple, and would be perfect for having a few friends over for lunch – or maybe just sitting outside by the pool. It’s also very kid friendly as it’s lemonade based – the cherry coloring would be much less of a stain hazard!

Cherry Lemonade Slush - click for the recipe!

Cherry Lemonade Slush – click for the recipe!

2. Margaritas in push-pop containers. We love following the blog “Kara’s Party Ideas” (click the picture below to see her website). Kara is a genius, and at a Mexican fiesta party she used old push pop containers to serve drinks. With the summer fruit season, fresh limes are the perfect garnish and even anchor the base of the push pop. This would be a very easy and creative way to serve ready-made drinks.

credit Kara's Party Ideas

credit Kara’s Party Ideas

3. Lemon Basil Coolers. I’m intrigued by this idea. I love basil, and I love lemon, and I bet they would be delicious together but I’ve never tried it. This recipe from Buried Carrots looks beautiful in the glass, and since it’s sweetened with stevia it would be a low-calorie and nutritious refreshment. This is definitely next on my list of things to try.

Lemon Basil Coolers - click for recipe!

Lemon Basil Coolers – click for recipe!

4. Chalkboard Label drink station. For a small gathering, or a large one if you have time to make the labels (or hire The Backyard!🙂 this would be such a nice touch. Instead of having to choose between Sharpies to label cups, or misplacing a cup and having to grab a new one, guests can actually write their names on the glass in chalk on a very classy label on the side of the glass. It would be a fun way to remember names, too, for a mixer or social event.

Click for instructions on how to make the chalk labels!

Click for instructions on how to make the chalk labels!

5. Iced Coffee Cocktail. Of course, iced coffee and iced tea are staples at summer events. But what about an iced coffee cocktail? This would be a great addition to a lunch event or happy hour. It’s also very easy, with a budget-friendly three ingredients. You can just add espresso liqueur and anise-flavored liqueur to shake up this classic drink.

Click for recipe - just three ingredients!

Click for recipe!

6. Blue Lemonade. There are a lot of pink and orange summer drinks out there, but this blue catches my eye. It would be perfect for a baby boy shower or any other event where you’re looking for blue-er colors – and would still be very easy to make as it’s just a mixture of blue punch and lemonade with ice.

credit eatdrinkpretty. Click to see how this drink worked at a baby shower.

credit eatdrinkpretty. Click to see how this drink worked at a baby shower.

7. Stone Fruit Sangria. We can’t forget about peaches. They’re the ultimate summer fruit and their flavor is great in beverages. This jar of  sangria is lightly carbonated and looks tantalizing as the peaches, nectarines, plums, and cherries float around.  The wonderful thing about sangria is that it’s easy to make in very large batches and will always look pretty as it waits for guests.

Click for recipe from Martha Stewart.

Click for recipe from Martha Stewart.

8. Raspberry Beer Lemonade. If you like beer better than wine, but want something a little more exciting than beer in bottles, you could definitely give this raspberry beer lemonade a shot. As you can see, this blogger used chalkboard name tags for these glasses as well. You could also try different types of fruit if you don’t like raspberries – maybe mango? And a nice light beer. There are lots of possibilities.

Click for recipe from The Charity Wedding.

Click for recipe from The Charity Wedding.

9. Peach or strawberry ice cubes, or any kind of fruit ice cubes. These would be a great addition to sprite, white wine, lemonade, or really any light drink you plan to serve. They could be kept in small serving sizes in a cooler and added as needed, and could be served at a variety of events from a birthday celebration to a wedding reception. See recipes below for peach and strawberry variations, but I’m sure you could use other kinds of fruit as well (blueberries? raspberries?).

Strawberry Ice Cubes

Strawberry Ice Cubes

peach ice cubes

Peach Ice Cubes

Any of these drinks can also compliment your decoration for your event by fitting in with the color scheme and naturally incorporating your theme with their summery freshness. If you try any of these and have stories to share, comment below and let us know what you thought of these! And if you’d like more beverage ideas, you can follow our summer beverage board on Pinterest.

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